Be prepared for upredictable events

Kontron has built and equipped a special data center, designed to house redundant data centers for our customers, particularly to prepare for unpredictable events and to ensure uninterrupted operation.

The data center is compliant with the highest security standards and provides: Security, Protection, State of the art infrastructure

Regardless of whether your decision to establish a remote disaster recovery center is based on the need to comply with regulations or on your business decisions, we offer you a cost-effective solution, designed to your requirements and needs.

We provide an adequate level of duplicate infrastructure, applications and data. This way you can protect your business against unpredictable events (destruction of your infrastructure caused by fire, flood, earthquake etc.).

By engaging with our service, you can reduce the risk of downtime, reduced productivity and interruptions to customer service, to a reasonable and acceptable level and avoid high costs and business interruption.

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