GDPR compliance solutions

New GDPR rules go far beyond the realm of privacy. They affect a broad swath of IT and cybersecurity practices. For international businesses, GDPR affects data management, data protection, software development, and system administration.

For one thing, GDPR introduction of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) affects how IT and security teams operate and communicate. With the equivalent of a regulatory authority in-house, any employee who handles personal data now has some level of obligation to keep the DPO informed about decisions and activities that relate to GDPR compliance.

GDPR compliant

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Kontron Bulgaria, as a distributor, represents well-established providers of GDPR compliance solutions: 

  • WALLIX - GDPR and Privileged Access Management (PAM).
  • VARONIS - Data classification framework: GDPR PATTERNS.
  • VECTRA - Command and control (C&C), internal reconnaissance, lateral movement and data exfiltration behaviors.
  • STORMSHIELD -  Smart, connected solutions in order to anticipate attacks and protect digital infrastructures.
  • STEALTHBITS - Automate EU GDPR Auditing and Reporting.
  • TERAMIND - Monitoring, data exfiltration protection, audit, reporting and forensics capabilities.
  • BABELNET - Automatic key validation using Blockchain database. The value in your mobile – contacts, messages, documents, sign-in details – which you simply cannot afford to be compromised!