Workplace IT-Outsourcing

  • Hardware buying or rather abandonment (Leasing etc.)
  • Installation/Rollout
  • Support

S&T makes sure that IT workplaces satisfy operative specifications in a long-term and cost-efficient way. This is achieved through the provision of such modular services as procurement, installation, rolling out and making available of the corresponding hardware. This also entails the supplying of user support on the telephone, and the handling of escalation management operations and the supplying of ticket-based and regularly incurring maintenance services. This range of services is, however, not confined to those for “classic” IT workplaces equipped with desktops and notebooks. Rather, it also comprises the even more important mobile solutions forming our new “world of work”, with this especially involving smart phones and tablets.


S&T offers standardized “mobile device management” solutions. These are used in the administration of mobile devices and in the implementation of pre-formulated enterprise mobility strategies. These operations are required to reliably and easily configure these devices and their security settings. S&T provides two approaches to this. Each is comprised of high-performance tools: the MobileIron stand-alone solution and Microsoft's Intune, which is a part of SCCM infrastructure.

This portfolio is also comprised of attractive financing packages. Also offered by S&T is the option of employing products according to the pay-per-use principle. Clients also avail themselves of such downstream services as disposal and secondary marketing.