Palm Vein Authentication - The digital handshake

Fujitsu Biometric Authentication Solutions

In today’s digitally enabled world, where cybercrime, theft and fraud are on the rise, organizations require the most secure, accurate, and reliable identity authentication methods for data access, physical access, and general security.

System’s security has become a challenge with attacks on all fronts - not only externally by outsiders but internally by insider manipulation. The implementation of technological safeguards is, therefore, more vital than ever, but 

For many, biometric security is the answer - it’s platform technology capable of serving and supporting all industries.

For several years, organizations worldwide have been experimenting with a number of biometric authentication solutions, ranging from eye, face and fingerprint, to signature and voice recognition, all of which offer a greater level of security than traditional passwords.

We consult you

At Fujitsu our consultants will take you through all the options and advise which technology is the most suitable for which deployment. In partnership with ImageWare Systems, we provide a wide-ranging biometric technology portfolio that includes face, voice, iris, fingerprint and palm vein solutions that can be tailored to specific use cases such as mobility and physical access.

Fujitsu PalmSecure Palm Vein Pattern Recognition Technology
PalmSecure, our premium biometric authentication technology based on palm vein pattern recognition, has been shown to be by far the most accurate biometric authentication solution currently available on the market.

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