Security Information and Event Management Solutions

SIEM helps you to quickly investigate and determine root causes of security issues and breaches, giving you better chance of minimizing the costs these events can cause

The SIEM solutions offered by Kontron provide unequalled insight and control of your existing security deployment. They empower your security and network organizations to identify, manage, and counter security threats. They work with your existing network and security investments to identify, isolate, and recommend precise removal of offending elements. They also help maintain internal policy compliance and can be an integral part of your overall regulatory compliance solution.

Key advantages
  • SIEM gives a holistic view of the security status of all relevant IT Services including control over administrators and other privileged users and helps minimizing the insider threat
  • SIEM delivers information about quality of threats, effects of threats on IT Services, compliance status (internal, external, regulatory)
  • SIEM helps you to gain more value from your existing security investment by better utilizing events and logs, by helping you to plan your new investments better, targeting security to where it is really needed.