The right solution for you

  • Initial business analysis of needs
  • Capacity planning
  • Delivery of software and appliances
  • Installation
  • System configuration
  • Putting into production

System and Platform integration is one of Kontron’s core business fields. We have a strong track record in design, development and implementation of customized and complex solutions for small, mid-sized and large corporate structures. 

Our team of skilled and professionally certified IT specialists would support you through the entire system/platform integration lifecycle from the initial analyses and resource planning to the implementation of the technology and requisite training and support.

We can help you to optimize your business processes, rise your IT productivity and to be more flexible in order to fastly adapt to the market changes.

Our services

  • The optimization and configuration of software infrastructure (for instance: mail systems, convergent communication tools etc.)
  • Optimization and configuration of operating systems and of hardware-dependent infrastructure (Active Directory, DHCP/DNS services and the like).
  • The automation of software rollout and other processes
  • Migration and harmonization services for operating systems, for domains and for messaging and other communication tools
  • Rollout and installation of a variety of operating systems
  • Patch and update management
  • Implementation and operation of systems used in the monitoring of operations and of availability
  • Configuration of virtualized server and client environments