Security Solutions - efficient and complex

In todays’s connected world, business structures are under the constant threat of even more sophisticated external and enternal targeted attacks. Having that in mind companies should be extremely flexible and adaptive so that they can deal with challenges arising from the fast-paced environment in which they are forced to operate.

Based on our long-standing experience and deep understanding of the modern threats and vulnerabilities that companies face, we are able to provide efficient and complex, security solutions to protect their business.

Kontron Bulgaria has a comprehensive portfolio of advanced and highly scalable products for endpoint protection against today’s sophisticated cyber-attacks. Our offerings go far beyond the standard antivirus and firewalls giving you an advanced and strong solution gainst the whole spectrum of targeted and non-targeted security threats.

Believing that technology should be simple, we offer easy-to-manage, rapidly deployable and in the same time in depth protecting solutions, based on your current issues and future needs.