Parking with Mobzzo in Koprivshtitsa

17.09.2021 | Bulgaria

After Sandanski, the Mobzzo parking system continues its route through the tourist destinations of Bulgaria. 

Koprivshtitsa is a favorite place for recreation of many people and definitely preferred by the people of the capital. One of the best options for a short trip with a long weekend.

There, visitors can find everything they need to return home charged on Sunday night. Nature and history, sports and art in a well-managed urban environment with preserved authenticity, typical of Sub-Balkan region.

From the end of August this year, the guests of Koprivshtitsa can expect calm, easy and fast parking with a capacity of 150 parking spaces through Mobzzo.


The cloud web-based information system for management of activities related to paid parking is designed to optimize the overall process in the municipal enterprise related to monitoring and control of parking. S&T Bulgaria is an authorized distributor of Mobzzo for Bulgaria.