S&T Bulgaria has became a distributor for Laerdal in Bulgaria

21.07.2021 | Bulgaria

We are pleased to announce that S&T Bulgaria has became a distributor in Bulgaria for Laerdal - one of the world's leading suppliers of medical simulation and clinical training equipment.

More than sixty years after the invention of the Resusci Anne - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training manikin, Laerdal has provided the global healthcare simulation community with clinical task trainings and high-fidelity manikin products.

Laerdal Medical began its mission in “Helping save lives” and is committed to spread its products, technical services and educational programs among both healthcare professionals and non-professional communities.

The key word is “helping”. No-one at Laerdal would claim they were saving lives; their role is to develop educational and therapy solutions and services that help train and equip those who do from lay people, ambulance dispatchers, and community first responders through to healthcare workers on ambulances and in hospitals. Laerdal can only do this by working with partners in professional associations, NGOs and government bodies to develop the necessary programs and actions for widespread implementation.

The guiding stars for this collaboration are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), established by the UN in 2016, with SDG3 for good health and well-being at its core.

In addition to having a goal of reducing maternal, neonatal and child mortality, SDG3 also addresses accidents and non-communicable diseases including sudden cardiac arrest.

Helping Save 1 Million More Lives Every Year. By 2030.

This is the audacious goal Laerdal has established. Nothing less.